Terms and Conditions



“The company” Shall mean Main Yard Parking
“The customer” Shall mean the person or those individual(s) whom enter a contract with the Company or company’s Agent for the provision of car parking facilities.
“The Staff” Shall mean the employees, servants, and, or Agents of the company
“The vehicle” Shall mean the Vehicle which is received into our and its equipment and accessories.


  1. Formation of the Contract

(A) When the Customer makes a request of the Company to be met at the Airport or collect the Vehicle the Customer makes an offer to the Company for the purchase of the services of the Company in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The Company will then either accept or reject the Customer’s offer.

(B) Acceptance of the Customer’s offer by the Company results in the formation of a contract between the Customer and the Company the terms of which are governed by these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Tariff

(A) Parking fees shall be the prevailing tariffs specified by the Company or Company agent by telephone, by documentation and / or as specified on its website or other advertising channel

(B) The Company reserves the right at any time to vary the tariff and notice of change shall be displayed on the Company’s or Agents website from time to time or agreed verbally or in documentation. The increase shall take effect on the date of such a display, which shall be specified on the website or verbally or in documentation.

(C) Storage/parking/transfer of the Vehicle following any tariff increase shall constitute acceptance of this increase by the Customer and parking fees shall be calculated at the prevailing rate at the date of return of the Vehicle to the customer.

(D) If for any reason your return date is later than booked you will be charged for the extra days at the prevailing rate which will be advised by The company..  There may be a charge levied by a booking agent for which the customer will be liable.  All other costs if any for unforeseen events will be liable to the customer and a charge will be raised accordingly and as designated by The company.

  1. Cancellation, Delay Or Extra Charges

(A) The Customer shall inform the Company of any cancellation or delay in delivering or collecting the Vehicle as soon as possible after the event that led to the cancellation or delay.  Any delays later than 48hrs from booking date will mean the full cost of the parking will be incurred.  If booked by a booking agent the agents cancellation procedure will prevail over our own procedure.  Any fee’s due to the agent (if one is used) for cancellation will be the customer’s liability.  Any cancelled bookings will incur a £5 handling charge.

(B) If the Company needs to cancel bookings, affected Customers will be refunded in full.

(C) There is a surcharge of £5.00 for each additional day for bookings if the booking has already commenced. Prior to the commencement of the booking, any additional days would be added on to the total as if the booking were made as one single booking.  The customer will also have to cover any additional charges made by any agent or partner in connection with the booking changes.

  1. Vehicle Inspection

(A) An inspection of the Vehicle on behalf of the Company will be carried out at the Airport at the time the Company takes delivery of the Customer’s Vehicle or if that is not possible for any reason as soon as it is possible to inspect the vehicle.  

(B) Weather conditions and cleanliness permitting, damage or defects of any nature will be noted by the Staff.  The Company will accept no liability whatsoever for any such damage duly noted.

  1. Fines and Vehicle condition obligations

(A) The Customer shall by under a duty to ensure that the Vehicle is in roadworthy condition and has a valid road tax and MOT certificate during the period the Company has control of the Vehicle and shall indemnify the Company and its staff against any fines levied due to the condition of the Vehicle, or any loss or consequential loss occasioned as a result of the Vehicle’s condition.

(B) The Company reserves the right in its absolute discretion to refuse to permit any of its Staff to drive a Vehicle if there are reasonable grounds for believing that it is in an illegal or un-roadworthy condition or for any other reason that company feels will either put it’s staff or the company at risk once these conditions have been noticed. In such circumstances the Company will terminate the contract immediately from that point and invite the Customer to make alternative arrangements or for its collection from any parking facility, transit area, public highway where the vehicle may be at the time the defect/condition is found. The Company accepts no liability for any loss or inconvenience arising from such steps being taken.  No refund will be given for parking booked under these circumstances.

  1. The Company’s Liabilities

(A) Whilst every reasonable effort shall be made to secure the safety of the Vehicle and insure the vehicle whilst in our possession the Company cannot give any guarantee to this effect and the Customer should ensure that the Vehicle (and its contents) has a minimum valid certificate of insurance covering it against third party theft, damage or destruction.

(B) The Company or its Staff will not accept liability for damage to the windscreen of the Vehicle.

(C) The Company and its Staff will only accept liability in respect of loss, destruction, theft of or from or mis-delivery or temporary failure or damage to the Vehicle where the same is proved and to the extent that it is proved to be caused by the negligence, wilful act or default of statutory duty or dishonesty of the Company or its Staff.  It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the vehicle upon return and to point out any defect to the driver at the time the vehicle is handed back to the customer upon his collection of the vehicle from the company.  No responsibility for the vehicle will be accepted by the company once or after the vehicle has been returned to the customer and the customer has taken possession of the keys and vehicle.

  1. Vehicle re-location, transit, storage and movement

(A) The Company reserves the right to move/drive/park/transfer or otherwise use the customers vehicle in any area including the airports own parking areas, on the road, public highway, transit area, storage area and other area’s the company may use by driving or otherwise to such extent as the Company or the Staff may in their discretion to avoid obstruction, transfer, store, safeguard the customers vehicle.  It will also be at the companies discretion how long the customers vehicle is held in either the airports own parking areas, on the road, public highway, transit area, storage area and other area’s the company may use.

(B) The Company reserves the right where the Parking facility has to be closed, is full either permanently or temporarily in whole or in part or has to be evacuated in cases of emergency, due to staff shortages or other unforeseen problems to remove any Vehicle at any time to another reasonable convenient area, storage area or transit point at the company’s own convenience.

(C) The Company or the Staff reserve the right to otherwise drive the Vehicle on the public highway, park on the public highway, park in the Company transit area’s and park in the Company’s storage area or any other area deemed suitable by the Company.  

(D) The Company accepts no responsibility for: (1) dents; (2) scratches; (3) chips; (4) punctures; or (5) any other damage; Sustained to the Vehicle, its contents or accessories whilst in transit on the public highway, save in the circumstances set out in Condition 6 (c).

  1. Possessions

(A) Subject to condition 6 (c), the Company does not accept responsibility for the loss, damage or destruction of the Customer’s possessions in the Vehicle.  The customer is requested to remove all unnecessary keys and possessions from the vehicle before handing the vehicle over.

  1. Prohibited Activities

(A) No activity in connection with the selling, hiring or other disposal of Vehicle shall be carried out in the parking facility.

  1. Outstanding Monies

(A) When any amount due to the Company is not paid in full within 28 days from the date upon which the Company gives notice to the registered keeper of the Vehicle at his or her last known address, the Vehicle may be sold and the proceeds of the sale applied towards satisfying all sums owing together with the expenses of the sale. In connection with such a sale the Company shall be entitled to charge the reasonable or usual selling commission whilst the Vehicle is in the possession of the Company and take any action it considers fit to recover debts not discharged in this way.

(B) The Company reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 5% above HSBC Bank base rate upon any parking charges that remain outstanding after the Company’s terms of trading have been exceeded. The Company shall be entitled to insist on retention of the Vehicle until all such charges and interest have been paid.

  1. Complaints

(A) Should the Customer wish to make a formal complaint to the Company, the Customer is directed to write to the Company with full details of the complaint.  Any and all complaints that are not made to the company in writing within 7 days or verbally within 24hrs will be deemed to not be given within our terms and conditions and the customer will lose the right to complain.  This does not affect your statutory rights.  If it can be proved that the customer did not know about the complaint until after these times then the period of complaint above will run from the time the customer knew of the complaint.  Claims for damage to the vehicle are covered under section 6 (C) and notification must be as per that sections details.  There is no extension period for claims of damage or loss from vehicle all these type of claims must be made on the customers return and hand over of possession of keys and vehicle.

  1. Claims

(A) If the Customer believes that there is a claim against the Company, such a claim should be notified as per conditions stated in Section 6 (C).  Notification must be made immediately to the Company or staff giving full particulars to the Company of claim details and exactly why the customer feels there is a claim to be made.  The company will take note of this claim and will deal with the claim once notified and accepted under the same timescale as Section 11. Complaints.  The start date will be deemed as starting from when the claim has been made.

  1. Validity of the terms and conditions

(A) At all times the terms and conditions herein written will supersede any terms and conditions held by any of our Agents or other partners we may deal with.  We cannot be held responsible for any incorrect wording or mis-interpreted details of our terms and conditions made by our Agents and/or partners whether intentional or non-intentional.

  1. Variation of the terms and conditions

(A) No individual, Agent or Company other Main yard Parking has the authority to vary or alter these Terms and Conditions unless such variation is in writing under the authority of the Company.